Reading & Writing just for the HEALTH of it!

These half-day workshops will be similar to the approach of those conducted by John Fox, emphasizing respectful, sensitive listening, devoted to nurturing writers. We will listen to each other share favorite and valued writers and our own original work as we create and arrange words that express and reflect the important meanings of our personal experiences. We will create poems, haiku, essays, collages, posters and other novel arrangements. Come and have some fun improvising together. Contact Lee Bajuniemi at P.O.Box 8194, St. Paul, MN 55108 for a brochure.

Re-Cognize YOUR SELF

:::Listen To YOURSELF::: This is an Inventory and series of Guided Reflections which introduce topics typically arising in therapeutic conversations. This is meant to be used individually, then you decide how much of any section you would want to discuss with a friend or professional counselor. The emphasis is upon maximizing health and selecting relationships and experiences which enhance your daily experiences. The inventory can be obtained by requesting a copy at my e-mail address: and it will be sent by snail mail to your address. You can also leave your name and address at 651 644 1666, my home voice-mail.

Practicing Semantic Ecology

The emphasis here is upon protecting Endangered Meanings - those ideas or concepts which seem to be disappearing from use in our culture. You are invited to share your own selections of things you value and would add to the endangered meanings list. Then we will discuss how we can re-introduce and increase the valuing of these important concepts.

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